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A frame of natural comb honey

A frame of natural comb honey


A beautiful frame of honeycomb, straight from the hive.  This is honey in its purest state.  The wax comb adds a richness of flavour that cannot be replicated once the honey has been extracted. Because we have simply taken this honeycomb and inserted it into the box, you are getting all the vitamins and minerals, pollen, propolis and enzymes, exactly as the bees produced it in the hive.


The honeycomb comes in a wooden frame measuring approximately 35 cm x 13 cm.  

We are unable to send this but happy to deliver locally or for you to come and collect from us.


The hive where this frame comes from is in Burley, in the beautiful New Forest. The bees made it in late summer 2023 so it contains heather honey.


Definitely a delicious treat!

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