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Honey By Ian is a small honey brand run by the Warmer Family:


Ian: The senior Beekeeper 

Pat: The messenger, packer, deliverer and candle maker

Maddy: The Instagram poster and website designer 

Katie: The junior Beekeeper

Together we are Honey By Ian!

We have hives in Ringwood, Alderholt & Ferndown where our honeybees make delicious, local smooth honey. However, production is very limited and bees only produce a certain amount of honey which beekeepers can safely extract. Since 2015, we have been building up a loyal base of customers who absolutely love the taste of our honey and keep coming back for more. 

The lovely, pure taste of our honey will mostly be due to the flowers and vegetation the bees pollinate but we also keep the process as natural as possible. We help the hives only when we need and keep the extracting and jarring process simple.


This involves our honey being unheated, untreated and unpasteurised which helps to preserve all its natural vitamins and enzymes to give the best health benefits. It is due to this that we can class our honey as 'raw'. 

This is not necessarily a commercial project. Some might think we sell our honey at quite a high price but the income comes no where near the cost of the bees, all the equipment needed, packaging etc. 

But we believe it is not about the money. Our raw honey and 100% pure beeswax candles are premium products which are special and hard to come by. Others may add sweeteners to their honey or mix beeswax with other types of wax to make cheaper candles to allow a larger profit. Knowing the location of exactly where our honey is produced, whilst helping to give honeybees a safe a warm home is what puts a smile on our faces and makes us strive to grow further as a small family business.  



  • Runner up in the Love Local Dorset Award for Honey

  • 1st in Best frame of Honey

  • 1st in Best Handmade Piece of Equipment 

  • 2nd in Best Beeswax

  • 2nd in Best Mounted Photograph 

  • 3rd in Best Beeswax Candles


  • Bob Charles Trophy - Winner of the Best Medium Honey

  • Irene Archard Cup - Best Mounted Photograph



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